Cat food with ocean fish extracts: Tempting options for your pet cat – Times of India

Have a pet cat at home? You must be aware that cats enjoy having fish or food items with flavours and extracts of fish. So, if you are looking for a pack of cat food that can instantly attract even the fussy eaters, you can go for the options available with ocean fish extracts. There are various packs of food available for all breeds of cats to suit all the needs of cat owners.

Looking for a good pack of cat food with ocean fish extracts? Have a look at this list of popular options that will be loved by your pet cat. Check out these options and go for the pack that will match well with the flavour preferences and needs of your pet cat.

When it comes to cat food, Whiskas has been a trusted brand in India. This pack of food is suitable for adult cats above the age of 1 year. This food is suitable for almost every breed including Persian cats, British shorthair and Siamese cats. The crunchy chunks ensure that your pet cat enjoys munching on something healthy during every meal. Regular intake of this food can ensure a shiny and soft coat of your pet cat.

The quantity of food to be fed to your pet would depend on the weight. So, make sure that you refer to the chart on the pack before feeding your pet cat.