Woman Accused Of Hurling Can Of Dog Food At Car With Trump Flag – Patch.com

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CLEARWATER, FL — In the wake of the mayhem after protesters breached the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, a Clearwater woman was arrested after being accused of battering a man in a car that was displaying a Trump flag.

On Thursday, Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies said Ashley Dale Limbert, 44, spotted the car with the Trump flag affixed to it in the area of State Road 580 and U.S. 19. She reacted by first throwing a paper cup at the car, then getting out of her car and hurling a can of dog food at the window of the car with the Trump flag.

The registered Democrat who lives on Highland Acre Drive in Clearwater followed up by approaching the offending car and making hostile gestures toward the driver’s side passenger, said deputies. The passenger got out of the car, pushing Limbert away and then pinned her to the ground.

Pinellas County Sheriff

Deputies said Limbert began biting and scratching the man’s leg. She then picked up the can of dog food and threw it at the man’s head, striking him. She also ripped up the Trump