The AquaSprouts Garden creates a perfect life balance, right on your desktop – Boing Boing

Sitting at a desk all day can get pretty boring. Slaving away at work tasks or squeezing a stress ball are ways to combat the sameness, but the best desk accessories can actually mentally transport you away from the humdrum for a moment.

This is why we can wholeheartedly recommend being able to gaze in wonder at an entire ecosystem rolling through its amazing circle of life right in front of you every day.

The AquaSprouts Garden is like watching a miniature universe right on your desktop.

Perfect for desk jockeys or anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space, this hydroponic ecosystem is its own self-sustaining loop, a synthesis of water, aquatic life, and plants all coming together to create birth and growth around you.

This custom-molded single-piece garden bed forms easily around your separate 10-gallon aquarium. When you feed the fish in the aquarium, they produce waste. The AquaSprouts Garden uses a submersible pump that cycles that waste up to the garden bed on top, funneling the ammonia-rich waste into becoming nutrients that feed the growth of any grasses, herbs, vegetables, or other plants in the bed. 

Meanwhile, the plants are cleaning the water for the fish as the liquid washes through the clay soil substitute, which supports the roots, wicks moisture, filters the waste, and offers surface area for beneficial microbes to grow.

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