Try These Tips To Get Your Picky Dog To Eat Their Food – DogTime

Woman feeding her pet dog training him to wait for his food

(Picture Credit: Sally Anscombe/Getty Images)

It seems there are three types of dogs in this world: those who will eat absolutely everything, food or otherwise; those who have great portion control and dutifully eat only what you give them; and those who are total food snobs and turn their noses up at that gourmet food you just gave them.

That third type might cause the most frustration at mealtime: the dreaded Picky Eater. If this is your dog, fear not — you can turn them around and get them to eat!

Here are some tricks you can use to be sure your pup is getting all the nutrition they need.

Talk To Your Vet

It’s possible there’s a very good health reason your dog may not be interested in the food you’re giving them.

Dental pains are a common reason dogs may show disinterest at meal time, or there may be an even more concerning underlying health problem, like allergies to a certain ingredient. This should definitely be your first step if your dog’s disinterest in their food is sudden or if you have reason to suspect a health issue.

Call your vet within eight to twelve hours if your dog won’t eat and is also experiencing vomiting or