How Guelph, Ont. experts turn fish poop, bugs and beer waste into gourmet food –

What started as a crazy idea — to create a gourmet meal from waste — has become reality. For what’s believed to be the first time in North America, you can sit in a restaurant and eat food made with ingredients from the waste of the beer that accompanies your meal.

Chefs of the Neighbourhood Group of Companies have crafted three menus — sourdough crusted fish-and-chips, a trout sandwich, and gravalax trout on sourdough — using ingredients formerly treated as waste products.

Provision Coalition — a team of food and beverage sustainability experts — came up with the concept, a circular process that makes a loop of food-to-waste-to-food products.

“It all started with the idea of what if we could do something else with spent grain, and we were able to create seven collaborations and an entire meal out of it,” president and CEO Cher Mereweather told CBC News.

“We wanted to form this movement or this call to action of ‘what else can we do with byproducts? What else can we do by upcycling these nutrients,’ by giving the nutrients that exist, another life if you will.”

‘It all started with the idea of ‘what if we could do something else with spent grain,'” says Cher Mereweather, president and CEO of Provision Coalition. (Submitted by Jaime Leger)

The process