From fish feed to financing, eFishery builds services for Indonesia’s fish farmers: Startup Stories – KrASIA

While studying aquaculture at Indonesia’s Bandung Institute of Technology, Gibran Huzaifah started a catfish farm. By the time he graduated, Huzaifah had 75 catfish ponds. Seeking ways to improve his yields, he drew from his own experience and discussions with other farmers, and realized that the inefficiency of manual feeding is a bottleneck for fish farmers.

“Feeding makes up about 70–90% of the total fish farming cost. By feeding manually, much of the feed is wasted and pollute the water. From there, I got the idea to build a smart feeding system called eFishery Feeder,” Huzaifah told KrASIA.

Feeder is a device that allows farmers to provide food to their fish remotely, handling the process with a wifi-connected controller box and smartphones. Farmers can set feeding schedules, and the machine has a sensor that can determine the appetite of the fish, so it knows when they are full and stops releasing food pellets.

Gibran Huzaifah, co-founder and CEO of eFishery. Courtesy of eFishery.

By utilizing Huzaifah’s invention, fish farmers can ensure that the right amount of feed is dropped into fish ponds at the right time. “With more optimal feeding, it also helps speed up fish maturity so farmers can harvest quicker, from six months to four months, on average. This leads to better productivity and increased annual income,” he said.

The feeder was the first product built by Huzaifah’s eFishery startup, which