Edmonds Restaurant News: Food trucks for those craving fish and authentic Mexican fare – My Edmonds News

Scotty’s food truck can be found at Five Corners on Fridays and Saturdays.

Food trucks active in Edmonds area help us feed our desire for fresh cuisine, something we don’t already have on the leftover shelf, in our fridge. Recently I paid tribute to Chef Dane’s “Orange Truck.” I encourage folks to stop by at Dayton and 4th in Edmonds on any Wednesday or go online to see additional options to feed the family and to support local enterprise. Our readers have noted additional opportunities.

Food festivals have just not happened this year, due to COVID-19. While we are not able indulge, noshing our way through the food exhibits at the Edmonds Art Festival or Taste Edmonds, beloved vendors have not been sitting idle. We can’t come to them, so they’ve taken the initiative and secured locations to offer up their specialty for local consumption.

Seafood fans spotted a familiar truck and alerted My Edmonds News. Scotty’s — whose booth always has long lines at any festival event — found a way to offer its Blackened salmon Caesar salad and other entrees on a weekly basis. Chef Scotty’s “new” and permanent location in Edmonds is at Calvary Chapel, in Edmonds’ Five Corners neighborhood. His food truck is parked at 8330 212th St. S.W. from 4-7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

His online menu offers most of the entrees usually found